Senior Consultant

Health is a complex and constantly evolving system; Policies need to adapt and be shaped accordingly, and that is what we are here for

During her training as a medical doctor, Valentina developed a keen interest in public health policies. Pursuing such interest, she enrolled in an Advanced Interuniversity Master in Global Health. This allowed her to deepen her knowledge of EU health laws, policies, and systems. Having a thorough understanding of the health landscape at a supranational level, she complemented it by working in the Belgian Institute for Public Health – at a national level.  As a doctor, Valentina enjoys working with a broad range of health topics. She is passionate about finding novel ways to improve healthcare and shape health policies. She believes that knowledge translation is key to this process and is always ready to provide a creative and solution-centered approach to consultancies.


  • MSc, Global Health – Interuniversity program: KU Leuven, Ghent University, Antwerp University, VUB, Hasselt University (2022)
  • MD, Doctor of Medicine – Universidad de los Andes (2019)


  • English
  • Spanish

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