As the Union steps on more and more aspects of health policy, under various constraints, strategic thinking in public affairs and communications for stakeholders in this field has become the cornerstone of their potential influence on the EU’s health policy landscape in the decades to come. Challenges are widespread, revolutions in this field are at the corner.

Raphaël’s strengths come from his pluridisciplinary university education allowing for a strong analytical capacity and debating skills to match, learned and sharpened through a varied work experience in diplomacy, international humanitarian law, consultancies and lastly at the European Commission. He brings a generalist profile with a strong attention to the key insights.

Native of south of France, he graduated from Sciences Po Strasbourg in European Policies and Public Affairs, and most recently from the College of Europe in Bruges, where he followed the European Political and Governance Studies track and wrote about the creation of DG HERA as the Commission’s response to the COVID crisis. He also spent a semester abroad at the Foreign Trade University in Hanoï, Vietnam, studying international economics while interning at the embassy simultaneously.


  • MA, European Political and Governance Studies – College of Europe (2022)
  • MA, Sciences Politiques et Sociales, Politique Européenne et Affaires Publiques – Sciences Po Strasbourg (2020)


  • French
  • English
  • German

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