Senior Account Manager

In the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals, it’s not enough to be compliant; to remain competitive, you need to look beyond your own four walls. To lead the regulatory game, pharmaceutical companies must venture into the realms of diverse sectors, absorbing the trends and lessons that are redefining the future of healthcare. Innovation knows no silos, and neither should we.

After a post-graduate year at the College of Europe, Paul joined the Secretariat-General of the European Commission (Citizens, Equality, Democracy & Rule of Law Unit) as a Bluebook trainee, honing his understanding of the institution’s intricacies. 

This was followed by almost three years at a consultancy, where he quickly focused on health policy. As his role required him to connect the dots between different policy areas and healthcare, Paul quickly developed expertise in cross-sectoral areas such as digital, trade, competition and environmental policy. 

At Acumen, Paul continues his broad approach to the pharmaceutical and medtech industries by advising clients on current policy trends, including: the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Industries Association (EFPIA), BioMarin, Sanofi, Servier and Illumina. In addition to his native French, Paul is fluent in English and has a good working knowledge of German. 


  • MA, European Public Affairs and Policies – College of Europe (2019)
  • MA, European Union History (2018)
  • BA, History – Université Paris-Sorbonne (2016)


  • French
  • English
  • German

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