Paul Frederik


Communications is more than just messaging. It is about being able to ensure that our vision of the world aligns with that of the general public.

For Paul communications is about the ability to ensure that we see ourselves in the same way as others see us. It is about being relatable. Paul’s ability to deliver tactful and accurate messages is underpinned by his ability to sustain a keen interest in a range of topics from sustainability to daily politics in Brussels and elsewhere. At Acumen, he works on a range of issues from sustainability to health. He is curious about the world and always on the lookout for interesting and efficient solutions to complex problems. Prior to joining Acumen, he held research and policy roles in different NGOs and think tanks in Brussels. He has previous public sector experience in Brussels and his native Estonia.


  • MSc Communication Sciences: Digital Media and Society – KU Leuven (2022)
  • MSc International Relations - University of Glasgow (2017)
  • BA Philosophy – University of Essex (2016)


  • English
  • Estonian

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