Associate Director Communications

Good communication is easy – as long as you know whom you are talking to and what you want to say. Together with clients I find answers to those questions and complete them with a good balance between creativity and hands-on mentality.

Judith is the communications expert within Acumen. For more than 14 years she is helping public and private sector clients all over Europe to improve communications efforts and develop campaigns relevant to their audiences.

Judith started her career in the 2008 U.S. election campaign and did not only overcome that trauma but even more has built up her experience in political campaigning in various communication agencies. She successfully implemented numerous highly visible multi-channel campaigns for political institutions, parties, associations as well as for global corporations. She is highly skilled in developing strategies, narrowing complex messages for different target audiences and has a profound knowledge about on- as well as offline means of communications. So if you like to start a conversation with discussing the logic of algorithms and end up with having a story to convey to your audiences, she is your go-to.


  • M.A., Media and Political Communications - Free University Berlin (2012)
  • B.A., International Communications Management - International University in Germany (2009)
  • Visiting Fellow, Political Science - San Diego State University (2008)


  • German
  • English

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