Senior Advisor

Europe is pushing hard towards a clean energy future. The Acumen team brings real experience and a strong network to enable clients to benefit from this challenge.

As Europe strives towards a zero-carbon economy, Jon Coniam is the adviser clients want on their side. He has over 40 years of experience navigating companies through some of their toughest energy and environmental challenges as both a mechanical engineer and political consultant. While Jon has specialist expertise in nuclear power, his counsel increasingly extends to the hydroelectric, wind and solar sectors.
Jon brings a wealth of experience to Acumen including more than 20 years as an advisor to several MEPs on energy and environmental policy and legislation. His extensive knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe remains valuable as the newer member States assimilate to EU expectations and standards.
He has also served as a trusted consultant to the European Commission on clean energy development and safety programmes in the region. Given the breadth of his activities with EU institutions, Jon is a familiar face in influential committees and industry associations.


  • Chartered Institution of Mechanical Engineers - South Bank University London (1973)


  • English
  • French
  • Bulgarian

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