Associate Director

The EU is leading the world on environmental and climate policy. We give clients a chance to join policymakers in shaping Europe’s sustainable future.

George Niland turns policy challenges into opportunities for clients at the centre of Europe’s transition to a sustainable, green economy. His advocacy gives industry a voice in the debates and a seat at the table with the decision-makers charting Europe’s sustainable future. He works across business sectors from transport and energy to agriculture and trade.

He is an expert at developing coalitions, finding common ground amongst diverse groups. George burnished these skills during policy roles in influential associations including EUROCITIES and the European Digital Media Association (EDiMA). He is skilled in leading events for clients that produce meaningful impact by shaping policy and influencing decision-making.

As a policy analyst, George is known for his sharp insights and in-depth understanding of complex EU legislation. He tracks the latest developments for clients and spots opportunities for engagement at European and national levels.


  • MA, Economics – University College Dublin (2008)
  • BA, Economic & Politics - University College Dublin (2007)


  • English
  • Italian

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