Senior Advisor

A lifetime covering business, the economy and politics in Europe enables me to analyse policy issues and place them in historical context. I provide clients with these insights along with expertise in how European media works – and how to communicate with them.

As a journalist for over 50 years, David Gow has reported on some of Europe’s biggest moments in politics and business. His award-winning stories have garnered him a reputation as an insightful reporter who understands how politicians think and CEOs lead. He has an uncanny ability to translate complex events in the ‘Brussels Bubble’ in ways that engage readers across Europe and better inform citizens at the same time. At Acumen, he offers this experience and expertise to clients.

While David has been published in a vast array of leading media, he spent the majority of his career with The Guardian where he moved from being Germany Correspondent to European Business Editor. He has appeared extensively on French and German TV and radio. Today he regularly writes for the Bertelsmann Stiftung and Jacques Delors Institute Berlin. He is the founder and editor of sceptical.scot, a nonpartisan forum to debate Scottish public affairs.


  • MA, French Language & Literature – King's College, London (1968)
  • BA, French & German – Worcester College, Oxford (1967)


  • English
  • French
  • German

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