Building bridges between the healthcare community and policymakers is one of my ambitions as a scientist and policy adviser.

At Acumen, Daan Baeten connects the healthcare, scientific, and policy-making communities to forge better health and policy outcomes for Europe and the world. After conducting laboratory research on the topics of HIV, cardiology, multiple sclerosis, and oncology, Daan realized the importance of communicating and engaging with policymakers to convey scientific insights and ensure quality legislation. That’s exactly what he does at Acumen.

Translating complex science, policies, and regulation into simple yet meaningful information is Daan’s strength. Communicating the power and potential of biomedical, biotech and public health research is one of his many passions. With a hand on the pulse of Belgian, European and global health policy, Daan is an expert at identifying trends and insights with the broad perspective that clients need.


  • MSc, Governance & Leadership in European Public Health – Maastricht University (2019)
  • MSc, Biomedical Sciences – Maastricht University (2018)
  • BSc, Agri & Biotechnology – Hogeschool PXL (2016)


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

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