Associate Director

Integrating public affairs and communications to a healthcare organisation’s strategy is no longer an option – it is a must in order to succeed in Europe. With a whirlwind of policy and regulatory changes already shifting how companies operate (and major developments yet to come), the time to act was yesterday

Ali is a staunch believer in the importance of combining creativity, long-term thinking and cross-functional cooperation in the development of a public affairs strategy. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world around UK and EU health policy matters – from Amgen to Apple – it soon became clear to her that the era of “let’s put together a policy paper and have a couple of meetings with policymakers” was finally over. Building sustainable relationships and developing meaningful messages that cut across the noise is needed now more than ever.

She is passionate about networking and bringing to the fore the humane side of policy and advocacy. Ali’s experience at the Spanish Embassy’s Brexit Task Force Unit back in London, as well as her involvement in a Spanish political party, taught her about the importance of understanding the needs, perspectives and agendas of policymakers. She does not believe in zero-sum games in public affairs, but rather in the power of searching for creative solutions to find middle grounds among stakeholders.



  • Specialisation in the Healthcare Marketplance, University of Minnesota
  • MA Political Communications, Universidad de Alcala (2020)
  • BA International Politics, King’s College London (2017)


  • Spanish
  • English

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