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Without cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration between academia, the industry, government, non-government institutions as well as the public, biomedical research and innovation are unlikely to be funded, developed and implemented to achieve its goals in improving global health and wellbeing.
During her formal education in the fields of biomedicine and neuroscience, Mireia became aware of the importance of translating state-of-the-art knowledge into policy and real-world impact. She then dedicated the following years of her professional career to the field of science and health communication, raising awareness about a non-communicable liver condition associated with obesity. At Acumen Mireia looks forward at exchanging ideas with experts in the field of public affairs while committing to support clients and stakeholders in their advocacy for global health.

Engaging with the Global Health zeitgeist is an exciting opportunity, even more so at Acumen, where it is not just the name at the door, but also the way public affairs are conducted daily.


  • PhD Program In Experimental Biology And Biomedicine (PDBEB) – University of Coimbra - Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (III-UC) - ongoing
  • Msc. Research Master In Cognitive And Clinical Neuroscience – University of Maastricht (2016)
  • Bsc. Biomedical Sciences – University of Barcelona (2014)


  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese

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